Let us reach your objective together...


Helping in solving some of the most complex and demanding projects worldwide in terms of steel and alloy constructions, AV and light installations, customized LED installations and writing technical specifications for events and installations.


With more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry on every aspect of Light, AV, Sound, Steel, Rigging and Staging, I have a unique opportunity to help your company excel.


Below are listed some of my most requested services.

Project Management


Getting your project done - in time and on cost.


Solving large-scale construction and installation projects worldwide.




Solving the most complex tasks for installation of, Truss, AV, Light and Sound.


Worldwide service with skilled partners in the EU and US


Custom projects


Assisting with your design and construction of custom projects - light, steel or stage..

Managing every step of your solution:

From specification to design to manufacturing to installation. Everything done to required local or global code.



Assisting in writing your technical tenders, helping you and your company understand the received bids and control delivered equipment and services are as ordered.